The fastest & the most sustainable Way to unblock your NEXT LEVEL in business: your gifts, more visibility for right clients & opportunities, to more money & more positive impact

If you want to to go to the next level of your soul business with ease

Free yourself more from the old hidden emotional wounds & trauma.


It will unblock more of your gifts and let you be found by the right customers, clients & opportunities - bringing you more money & changing this world to the better

Many soulful entrepreneurs as well as healers, coaches, therapists & creatives already started to bring their gifts into their business, changing this world to the better. They show themselves and their offerings outside - on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and elsewhere. They have great gifts but these gifts are still partly blocked by the old hidden wounds. And because of different kinds of blocks they still have not enough clients and/or block themselves in earning much more money and bringing much more good to this world.

And I know this feeling, sitting there in my room with amazing healing gifts and more than 10 year of intensive study and practice of the most powerful healing technics - and feeling this deep sadness. 

Because I had so much to give + I've already worked on my "topics" so much - but something deep inside of me was still holding me back. 

Deep inside of all of us  - there are these very wounded parts, that are afraid to be more successful, to use the great chances &opportunities, to have more clients & customers and to receive more money following our divine soul purpose. 

And when we want to grow in our business - they just say NO. 

They sabotage our efforts and don't allow us to see chances, that would bring us forward.


if we go really deep and let the past pain go away on that deep fundamental level - the whole wall of mindset blocks, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage is falling apart. 

We start to live our purpose, to serve with our gifts in our businesses with EASE & ABUNDANCE.

By releasing deepest blocks you'll

Become more visible to the right clients, customers & opportunities

By releasing the deepest wounds, you allow yourself to become visible not only outside, but also on an energetic level, you let the right clients, customers and opportunities recognize you and your gifts and book your products & services or invite you to cooperations

Feel and follow YOUR right way to success

When you release deepest blocks, you start to feel more YOUR right way to success - without pushing or worrying, what is the right next step. You hear the intuitive guidance, stop blocking the right opportunities & follow your way to more clients, money & impact with ease

Unblock more of your gifts

When you solve the deepest wounds, your gifts come out to the surface and you can use them in your business & life. Your business becomes easier and brings you much more real joy

Relax more in your business

When you release deepest blocks, you quit to stress and to struggle in your business.  You feel trust and warmth inside following your right way to success.

Receive more money & joy

Releasing the fear of being TOO successful, too happy & of receiving more money than usual (we all have these unconscious blocks) - allows you to accept more good, money & joy in life

Go to the next level of success

When you release deepest blocks, you quit sabotaging your growth & success. You follow a joyful way to more clients, more money & more impact with ease

How Monika reduced efforts & started to get new clients

As Monika came to Daria she was already an experienced therapist and coach. She completed different educations for soul & body therapies and had already some clients. Once she wanted to offer a new premium support to her customers - providing even better personal experience.

She founded a Facebook group for her topic and posted there a lot of useful information and made a lot of efforts, being visible outside already during 1 year - but - she still had almost no requests and no new clients.  

After some sessions with Daria Monika got her first premium client. She started to get another clients from her Facebook group and through her private profile - even from people, who she'd never met before. 

She was invited to interviews in different online conferences, that brought her and her topic a lot more visibility.

The thing was, that with Daria Monika had released numerous deep blocks, unlocked her gifts & capacities even more and became more bookable for her ideal clients and right opportunities. 

They unconsciously (energetically) recognized her as a person, that can really help them the best with her business and wanted to book her services

Now she spreads the good with her business more and more

This was already possible for numerous entrepreneurs, who met a strong decision to improve their business, to have more clients & customers, more money - as they are living their true life purpose - and bringing much more positive impact to this earth - with warmth, joy and ease.

Join an intensive 1-day workshop in Athens "Get your hidden treasures out"!

Usually already 1 session with Daria changes lifes deeply. Even if you just stand near her some few minutes - your life can be changed a lot.

In this intensive Workshop you receive the whole day of deep transformation, releasing the deepest blocks of success and visibility - but with ease. 

So that you

  • unlock your gifts more and can integrate them more in your business
  • become more visible & bookable by the right clients, customers & opportunities
  • become able to accept more money 
  • and to bring more positive impact to the world

The workshop will take place in a nice cosy place in the center of Athens in a very small group - to enable you the deepest transformation for your next level of success.

On the 2nd of October 2021, from 10 am till 7 pm

What Daria's customers are saying:

What Daria's customers are saying:

I've experienced all-connectedness, I've connected to my soul even more... I was booked by 5 new clients for my premium programs in one week & was invited to write 2 articles for 2 different magazines ...

For me, my deepest heart's desires have absolutely come true.
I experienced the all-connectedness and connected myself to my soul even more. My creative channel was opened even wider.
I received requests for 5 preliminary sessions in one week and was booked by 5 new customers for my premium programs. So that I thought - it's getting really spooky. It feels like magic to me. And there is such a deep confidence in me that I am on the right way.
There's such a connected feeling inside of me. I've never felt like this in my life.

Also I was invited by a magazine to write an article about self-love and the husband of one of my clients, he has 2 online magazines, and there I will be also interviewed ...

Right now I'm just thinking - wow, it's really amazing how things are finding the way to me ...

IRIS ROSALIE NAUERT //  Coach for Healed Femininity

I understood my soul purpose much clearer and could deeply relax in business & life... The work with Daria opened my heart and improved all the areas of life deeply and very intensively...

Daria helped me to bring my inner pearl to shine.

TINA AIMEE HAUSER  //  Intuitive Artist, Founder of the Studio "Fisoli Design"

1-day intensive Workshop "Get your hidden treasures out"

In this 1-day intensive workshop you receive a necessary transformation to become much more innerly visible and bookable by your clients and bring more impact through your talents and gifts to this world.

  1. 1
    RELEASE of DEEPEST BLOCKS that are NOW holding you back from the right clients, customers & opportunities to find you, to recognize you and your gifts and to book you. 
  2. 2
    UNBLOCKS your gifts more, so that you are able to include them into your business, bringing you more success with ease. 
  3. 3
    UNBLOCK more your CAPACITY to RECEIVE MONEY & GOOD. This will allow you to accept more money for your services, more joy in your business and life and more other good things, this life does want to bring to you (loving relationships, health, etc.). 
  4. 4
    UNDERSTAND more YOUR LIFE PURPOSE. This will allow to bring your true life purpose more to your business. When you connect your business with your life purpose - your business becomes magnetic to the right customers. 
  5. 5
    RECONNECT more to the DIVINE. This allows you to feel intuitively and to know better the right way to your business growth and success. This allows you to accept all the support of the Universe/God/Divine/Quantum field for your further steps in your business 

Mag. Daria Schwarzenböck  // premium deep transformation coach & healer for living your life purpose with ease & abundance

Daria was born in Belarus and lives now in Austria. She graduated with the Diploma in "International Development Studies" at the University of Vienna. As her healing gifts were accompanying her all her life - already during her study she noticed, that her calling was another one. She should not change the development politics - but help people to heal deeply and have a joyful healthy life, so that THEY can SPREAD the GOOD further in the world.

She spent over 10 years intensively learning & practicing the most powerful healing technics (for psyche, energy & physical body). Applied & Psycho-Kinesiology to Dr. med. Klinghardt, therapeutical Hypnosis (incl. trauma release), EMDR (Eye movement Desensitization & Reprocessing - for neurological trauma release), Family & Business Constellations, Naturopathy, Pranic (energy) Healing, Akashic Records Reading, psychological consultation, Acupuncture to Dr. med Voll etc.

As she lost some important family members and friends in one year, she finally understood and accepted her true life purpose: To help people to live THEIR LIFE PURPOSE with ease and abundance

Now she helps soulful entrepreneurs (also experienced healers, coaches, therapists & creatives) to unblock their true life purpose even more - in a deep connection with the Divine. So that they accept much more clients, customers & opportunities, much more money and bring much more positive impact & good to this world.

Daria has over 15 years of professional experience with industrial marketing & sales and finalized numerous holistic programs for online business development. She also successfully supports her clients & students in: How to build up and /or to manage business & marketing - under the guidance of the Divine - with less efforts & much more SUCCESS.

Daria Schwarzenböck

Join lots of soulful entrepreneurs

I experienced a release of certain blockages, that plagued me all my life...

I was able to experience a great transformation session with Daria Schwarzenböck.

Her energy is very strong and in these 50 minutes I experienced the release of certain blockages, that have plagued me all my life. 

Two weeks ago I felt and thought “I'm not good enough, I can't do it” - and now I am sitting here with a crystal clear presence and confidently say “I am the best at what I do and I do my work brilliantly! "

I am truly stunned how fast the effect ist and how strong the energy from Daria is. 

I recommend Daria to everyone who feels tormented by blockages and self-sabotaging thought patterns.

There is no reprogramming into new thought patterns, but the blockade / thought patterns were taken out from my system, made visible and let go into the universe. That's how I feel.

Thank you for your immensely important and great work, dear Daria 🙏🏼 💕

MEDDEN SVETLANA TODOROVIC//  Online Mentor for Life Courage

I have a lot of experience with different therapists, coaches, more and more with premium coaches. And I experienced many wonderful people. But I have never experienced anything like with you before... You are really on the top level. I don't know if I could count another 5 professionals like you in the world. Your work changes every sphere of life... It's extremely valuable... 

BARBARA DRECHSEL  //  Premium Coach for wonderful pregnancy

The Best Time to Start Getting MORE Visible & Bookable with your Gifts is Now!

If you want more clients, customers & opportunities to find and to book you  - with less marketing efforts but with more success - so this workshop "Get your hidden treasures out" is for you. 

It provides you with the whole day of RELEASING DEEPEST and STRONGEST BLOCKS, that are holding you back NOW in your business growth

People feel the strong release immediately and go on seeing great positive results in their business and life (health, relationships, joy,…) during the whole year after. 

Join an exclusive group of entrepreneurs and become more energetically visible and bookable by your best clients, customers and opportunities,  receive more money and create more positive impact  - with EASE

Get your hidden treasures out

The workshop will take place in a nice cosy place in the center of Athens in a very small group - to enable you the deepest transformation for your next level of success.

On the 2nd of October 2021, from 10 am till 7 pm

The Investment into your business growth & earning more money is only 

2,500 EUR incl. VAT

(bookable till 30.09.2021, 10 pm)

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Frequently Asked Questions

I've already done so much for my personal & business development. Will this workshop help me to grow with my business?

There are no limits - of how much you can grow.

The more you've done before - the deeper you can go with Daria. Daria usually works with very experienced entrepreneurs, who are already successful & want to go even further in their business. But she also helps those at the beginning, who feel - they can impact a lot to this world. Daria's gift is to start where you are now and to lead you much deeper to unblock the biggest hidden blockages, stopping you NOW from the next level of success. 

With wich methods Daria is working?

The scientific research shows, that only ca. 15 % of impact depends on the kind of the therapy a practitioner is using in his sessions. Daria is a very strong clear channel for the Divine, she is clairvoyant and sees, hears, feels the deepest blockages & receives all the information - on how to solve them in the best and the fastest way - sometime using some of the numerous powerful technics, she've learned before, sometimes without - the deepest transformation is just taking place in her presence.

Can a 1-day workshop really impact enough for a big shift?

Yes and yes. Sometimes Daria is just standing somewhere in the street and people near her start to experience a deep transformation. They start to cry and afterwards to feel a deep warmth, calmness and love in their heart. They say, they share with her, that they have never experienced something like this before. Sometimes they contact her and thank her for amazing shifts in their life, that took place after. Every single session with Daria shifts a lot. In a one day workshop you receive numerous sessions with Daria and can just be in her deeply transformative field.

Of course, the more deepest blockages you solve, the more positive changes in your life you experience.

I'm not a healer, coach, therapist or creative. Will this workshop be good for me?

The work with Daria goes very deeply and is definitely not for everyone. But. Sometime people, who are not in healing or creative professions, feel, that they just NEED to come to Daria. They feel this inner calling, because deep inside they know - that Daria can help them a lot. Working with Daria is good for you, if you want to free your true nature, feel more joy, have better relationships, be healthier, to find your true life purpose and to be more and more successful doing what you love.

Is this workshop good only for my business?

No. The level on which Daria is working is so deep - that this work impacts every sphere of life.

Even if the focus of this workshop is on the freeing the inner visibility and amplifying the capacity to receive more money and more good in life with ease - the divine healing, that is coming through Daria knows no limits. 

For example in many cases when people worked with Daria - their children become better. They healed from severe illnesses, they stoped to use drugs and became better at school. 

Health, loving Relationships, generally feeling and doing well in life and business - everything is interconnected and based on this fundamental level.

I can't visit this particular workshop. How can I work with Daria?

The most intensive way to work with Daria - is to book her premium Personal Support Package (online or in her practice near Vienna). For that you can book a preliminary session here  

Other possibility especially if you are just starting your business - ist to go through one of Daria's intensive and deeply transformative Premium Group Programs (5 months). Just request more information about it per Email

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